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Country estate Villa l'Abricot
Breil sur Roya, France

Lat=43.9369598 (43°56'14"N) Long=7.5043032 (7°30'16"E)
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Guesthouse Bed and Breakfast sleeps upto 8 persons
With 2 units each with separate entrance, and a large swimming pool, the Estate Villa is an ideal accommodation for a holiday vacation on the French Riviera in a mountainous nature area just 20 km from the beaches and just 15 km from Italy.

Area Zoom Map Breil sur Roya

Bed and Breakfast accommodation Breil sur Roya, French Riviera South France

The village of Breil sur Roya lies in south France 50 km NNE of Monte Carlo, Monaco.
The estate is close to the border of Italy, at 20 km from the coast and beaches of the Mediterranean sea, and 35 km from the excellent ski resort Limone Italy. It lies close to everything that the French and Italian Riviera has to offer.
There is a railway station at the village, with connection via Nice and Ventimiglia to Monaco and other international destinations.

Video visit of the property:

We offer guest accommodation in 2 units, an upstairs unit with independant access, and a separate annex-maisonette which also includes an equipped outdoor covered kitchen and pizza oven. There are chickens too (so fresh eggs every day!), and of course a large swimming pool with outdoor shower.
Each unit can sleep upto 4 persons.

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The village borders communal forests and the Natural Reserve Park Mercantour with the Vallée des Merveilles, and has many mountain hike tracks, and massive old forts from WW2 built on mountain tops. Close by the medieval villages of Saorge, La Brigue, and Sospel. The river makes a good place for fishing trout.
The community encompasses the Maglia gorge, famous for canyoning visitors from around the world. Kayaking is also done on the rapids of the river Roya.
The property overlooks the village (15-20 minute walk to the village) and has many fruit, nut and olive trees. The main area is fenced (to keep children in and animals out) but the whole property extends into the adjoining forest. There is no through or passing traffic, only the sounds of nature.

View of the village from the property
photo 07
View main villa from roof maisonette/annex
photo 50
View from main villa to property entry point
photo 04
Main villa entry door
photo 134
Swimming pool viewed from the villa
photo 11
Swimming pool viewed towards the villa
photo 12
Beyond the pool, shade under thick foliage
photo 06
View from main villa to the swimming pool
photo 01

Swimming pool
photo 02
View living room from the kitchen,
bottom left door to sleeping room,
top left internal window to top floor.
2 centre windows face towards the village
photo 20

Living room main villa
photo 21
Dining area and kitchen, middle right internal
window to sleeping room
photo 22

Living room
photo 23
Kitchen, middle window towards swimming
pool, left window to entrance area
photo 16
Sleeping room, window to backside
(valley side)
photo 15
Master bedroom, window to backside
(valley side)
photo 24
Master bathroom, window to backside
(valley side)
photo 18
Master bathroom taken from the bath,
round tiled shower on left
photo 19
Far middle external stairs to upstairs
photo 39
External stairs to upstairs
photo 40

Upstairs bathroom with shower
photo 38
Upstairs bedroom, on the left entry
door and fridge
photo 35
Upstairs bedroom, window to backside
(valley side)
photo 36
Upstairs bedroom, on the right internal
photo 37
View of the annex from main villa
entry door
photo 25
Annex, pizza oven (bottle shape) and
outside kitchen/barbecue on left
photo 27

Annex bathroom
photo 143
View from annex bedroom window
to main villa
photo 29
Annex bedroom
photo 160
Annex bedroom
photo 161
Annex bedroom
photo 140
Annex outside kitchen
photo 150
View of annex and swimming pool
from main villa terrace
photo 26
Property entry point (left), garage middle
left and chicken coup far middle
photo 32

Chicken coup
photo 31
View annex (left) and main villa (center)
from the chicken coup
photo 30
photo 104
photo 120
View on the Village
photo 121
By the lake in the village
photo 105
Village of Breil sur Roya
photo breil
Information about the village and surroundings:

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